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About Us

From networking to ransomware, your dental practice’s technology needs have never been more important. That is where eXcediant exceeds.


Rapid changes and high tech innovation have redefined and delivered tools previously unimaginable to today’s dental practice. However, the same technologies such as digital imaging, electronic health records, and automated scheduling tools introduce new risk.

The consequences of a data breach are severe.

eXcediant provides evaluation, risk management and data protection services to help your practice run safer, better and faster than ever.


Technology is a tool. Like the tools that created the Industrial Revolution, the Information Revolution will only be as powerful as those who know how to leverage these tools to their full potential.

eXcediant maintains a focus on filtering the profusion of technological advancements to a palatable and executable plan for meeting the needs of our clients.

Whether you are experiencing rapid expansion thus requiring full scale networking, cloud, and implementation across your practice or in need of protecting the customer data and integrity of your current business, we can help you find the solutions that will strengthen your dentistry with the powerful tools to thrive in the age of information.

"I've never had to think about the integrity of my technology. My patient data is safe and I am grateful."

Richard J. – Dentist